How We Work
A straight forword work process
  • Get in touch with us through the CONTACT form.
  • If we decide to work together, a team member will be nominated as project head and will deal directly with you, personally, one-to-one basis.
  • Till this stage no fee will be payable.
  • Terms, Conditions, Modalities etc will be fixed by the concerned team member in interaction with you.

  • Fees vary case to case, based on scope and deliverables. These are spelt out clearly and exhaustively. No small print.
  • The basic fees are quite nominal, covering actual costs and expenses.
  • There is no charge till scope, deliverables and fees are mutually agreed.

  • We value IPR - yours as much as ours.
  • We ensure protection of your business interests.
  • In most cases we start with a proper, legal Confidentiality & Non Disclosure Agreement.
Come to us if you want
value addition
We are consultants, but with a slight difference.
We may suggest new dimensions to your project if warranted.
We would possibly go beyond the brief.
We do not compromise.
We often act as devil's advocate - give you contra views, highlight pitfalls.

Sticking our neck out is an essential component of ensuring the job’s done well.

Come to us if you want ideas and perspectives instead of just a contractual relationship. Because we feel very strongly, there’s no point in getting involved if we can’t add value.